Why Choose us?

Why Choose us? 2023-03-10T05:26:47+00:00

We provide all-inclusive consultancy services so when you enter our offices, we handle everything at our end, from suggesting the right exams to visa and accomodation suggestions. Our goal is always to give personal attention to each and every student and provide them with guidance while keeping in mind their educational qualifications, financial background, and aspirations.

Echoes Global Education has experienced counsellers who giving special attention to students and even help them out with their documentation and visa interviews. We absolutely understand how difficult it can be when you are trying to take a big leap, both personally and professionally, by moving aborad for higher studies. That is why, we go the extra mile to make sure you are ready for the big leap in your career in every way. We have collaborations with nationalized banks in India to help you get a scholarship and we also help students get internships and part-time jobs while they are still studying in Australia.

Here are some of the many services we provide:

  • Student counselling
  • Visa guidance
  • Help in university/college selection
  • Travel assistance
  • Forex assistance
  • Scholarship assistance

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