Message from CEO

Message from CEO 2017-10-30T11:50:54+00:00

We envision a bright future for every student who walks through our door and joins Echoes Global Education to study abroad and achieve the right skills to take their career in a successful direction. Though there is no limit to what you can do and where you can go, it is important to have the right guidance, someone who can direct you in the right direction, and that is what we do.

Going beyond just student admissions, we make it our goal to help you start a new life studying in Australia and make the entire transition as smooth as possible. From helping you select the best course to getting through visa and immigration, we are here to assist you all throughout the way. In fact, we also go out of our way to help students at Echoes Global Education to find accommodation near their university and a part-time time job as well. We have also collaborated with nationalized banks in India to help our students get students loans easily and swiftly.

At Echoes Global Education, we have established strong connections with universities in Australia and New Zealand, so as to provide our students with the right link towards their future goals. We also take great attention when it comes to hiring counselors. Each one of our student counsellors is not just well experienced in their field, but they also go out of their way to help students find the right path and advice.

I too was once a student in Australia trying to make my career dreams a reality. I received a Master’s degree in Accounting in Australia and that is why I personally know about every issue that plagues international students when they first arrive in a new country.

That is one of the main reasons why I take a very personal approach by going through each and every case, and making sure that every student is being guided towards the very best direction forward.

What makes us different from everyone else is the fact that we aren’t bothered about numbers. We just want students to find their correct path in life, and do so succeedingly.


– Mihir Sheth

Director and CEO of Echoes Global Education