What is the Process For Get An Australian Student Visa?

What is the Process For Get An Australian Student Visa?

Australia is a renowned hub for education and attracts plenty of students from all around the globe. Home to many prestigious institutions, many want to join the universities of Australia, and for that, one must get a student visa.

Navigating through the process of obtaining a student visa can be a tough task, but with the right guidance from an Education consultant in Melbourne, it will become a manageable one.

Let’s walk through the steps one has to follow to secure a student visa with the help of an education consultant in Melbourne to study at an Australian university. We’ll also highlight one of the best immigration agent in Melbourne.

Choose Your Course and Institution 

Before applying for an Australian student visa, you have to choose which subject or course you want to pursue. Researching online and gathering as much information as possible can help you choose the best academic institution based on your preferred subject.

Gather Necessary Documents 

Gathering necessary documents is a vital part of getting a visa; documentation such as your passport, enrolment number and letter from your chosen academic institute, your certification of English fluency, financial documents, and other academic certificates should be in hand for an easy process.

 Create an Online Immi Account 

Visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs and create an Immi Account to lodge a request for your visa application. Completing the application with the right information will get your visa approved with ease. At the end, a page for paying the visa application fee will open up. Complete the payment to start your visa approval process.

 Biometrics and Health Checks 

Sometimes a necessary biometric and health check is required before the final approval of your visa. You will have to provide them with your fingerprints and passport-sized photographs. A routine health checkup will be done to ensure you meet all of the health requirements.

Submit your visa application via your Immi Account, making sure that all of the documents attached are correct and in order. Make sure you have paid the application fee to get the transaction reference number. This number will help you track your application’s progress.

Wait for Visa Approval

The approval can take as much or as little time based on where you live and your nationality. Sometimes you will be asked to come in person for an interview as well. Just sit patiently and track your application via the provided tracking number from your Immi Account.

 Visa Grant

When your visa is approved after every step, you will get a notification on your phone from your Immi Account. You can download the notification by logging into your Immi Account; it will contain information regarding the start and end of your course, along with your work limitations.

In conclusion, obtaining an Australian student visa is an extremely important step if you want to study in Australia. If you follow the steps outlined here and get the required assistance from one of the top education and immigration consultants in Melbourne, such as Echoes Global Education, you can get your student visa without much hassle.

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