Temporary Work Visa

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On 18 April 2017 it was announced that the Temporary Work  Visa (Skilled) (Subclass457) will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa.The intention of the change is to support businesses in addressing genuine skill shortages.

The Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa(Subclass 457) allows workers to come to Australia and work for an approved business for up to :

  • 4 years after it is granted-if your occupation is listed on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled List (MLTSSL)
  • 2 years after it is granted-if your occupation is not listed on the MLTSSL

You must be sponsored and nominated by an approved business.A business can sponsor a person for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work.Skill and English requirements need to be met.

This visa allows you to :

-work in Australia for a defined period of time

-bring members of your family unit to work or study in Australia

Travel in and out of Australia as often as you want.

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