Nursing Courses in Melbourne for International Students

Nursing Courses in Melbourne for International Students

Studying nursing is gaining a lot of prominence these days. Nursing is an essential sub-part of the healthcare industry. As the health issues people face are rising, the healthcare industry is growing too. Regarding pursuing nursing courses internationally, Australia is one country that finds favor. 

However, before you proceed further, you must understand all the nuances of the course. Here we will share with you all the information behind Nursing Courses in Melbourne for International Students.

Why choose a Nursing course from Melbourne 

Though many countries offer a nursing courses, Australia holds a lot of potential among the contenders. Some reasons why students choose a Nursing Degree in Melbourne are:

  • Reasonable living costs 
  • Moderate tuition costs keeping budget under control
  • Highly rewarding and meaningful career opportunities
  • Excellent quality of living standards

How to Choose a Nursing Course in Melbourne

Moving on, we will now tell you how to choose the best nursing course from Melbourne. The following tips would be helpful in that matter:

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Determine what you want from the course

First of all, find out how soon you want to start working. You can pick up a one-year community college diploma if it is an immediate requirement. On the other hand, if you wish to wait and earn an advanced degree, then complete your studies with a Master’s program in Nursing.

Also, your career choice would depend on the specialties offered. If your focus is on neonatal care, choose a course with that specialization.

Choose a University

Check which University is close to where you are planning to locate. Especially for those looking for  Nursing Courses in Melbourne for International Students, the location is an important criterion. You must check the ease of transportation to the campus and inside it before finalizing a nursing course. 

Go through Nursing school rankings.

You can derive a lot of information from nursing school rankings. The rankings are based on statistical data and not just on student feedback. However, such rankings may not include campus life, so their evaluation may not be exactly correct.

Verify accreditation

If you want a license, the University you choose should be approved by the State Board of Nursing. Verify the approval by going through the board’s website. Also, accreditation verifies that the program is meeting the quality standards set. Also, just the school’s accreditation is not enough. Your course should be verified and accredited too.

Specializations offered by Nursing colleges 

The common degree courses that you find at Melbourne are as follows:

  • Undergraduate level- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Nursing
  • Graduate level- Masters of Science, The Master of Nursing Science
  • Doctoral level- Doctor of Philosophy
  • Graduate certificate and diploma courses

Since Bachelor of Nursing Melbourne is a very wide area, you can choose from any of the below specializations.

  • Cancer Care
  • Midwifery
  • Emergency and Critical care
  • Aged care
  • Neo-natal and Paediatric care
  • Acute and complex care
  • Palliative care
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Diabetes Nursing
  • Correctional facility nursing
  • Dermatology Nursing
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Community health nursing

Eligibility criteria

We will now discuss the eligibility criteria for a Nursing Degree in Melbourne. 


  • Completed 12th from any reputed board 
  • Maintained a grade point average of 5.5% at the Senior Secondary level
  • Must have completed an English language Course proficiency test. Score for them must be TOEFL-98, IELTS- 7, PTE-68


  • Completed 3 years of graduation
  • Must have a registered nurse License
  • A cumulative grade point average or CGPA of 7.5%, at least
  • Taken an English language proficiency test. The score for the same should be TOEFL-96, IELTS- 7, PTE-68


  • Completed a 3 to 4-year graduation degree followed by 2 years Master’s degree
  • Registered Nurse License
  • Grade Point average of 55%
  • Should take an English language proficiency test. The scores should be TOEFL-79, IELTS- 6.5, PTE-58-64

Summing Up

Nursing is a field that is going to grow further in the coming years. In the case of Bachelor of Nursing Melbourne, you have to keep the above information in mind. You can get in touch with for more guidance in this regard. With their crucial help, your future career in Nursing in Melbourne would get the upheaval it needs. Contact them and let them do all your essential jobs and get you on the path to success.


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