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Echoes Global Education is known to offer world-class education consultancy services to students. The facilities designed by us cover all the different areas which need to be looked into for overseas education.


Here is a list of services provided by our company and how they are useful to international students:


Student counselling

Our primary service is student counselling which helps individuals in understanding how they can move forward if they want to study abroad. We make sure that students receive complete information about the education system in Australia so that they can choose the best possible option for themselves.


Expert visa guidance

We have a dedicated team of visa facilitators who work along with students to help them procure different documents required to apply for a visa. Our team also helps verify the documents and helps you prep for your visa interview to ensure a higher chance of visa request acceptance.


Pre-departure sessions

We understand the amount of pressure a student undergoes while planning to move to another country. That is why, we have a unique service known as pre-departure sessions which allow students to understand the basic details about Australia and its people. These sessions prep students and makes them understand what its like to live down under and what they can expect there.


Exams and coaching- IELTS and PTE

Students who are planning to study abroad need to go through specific tests to prove their educational hold. Apart from preparing for your course specific tests, international students are also required to give IELTS or PTE to prove their hold over the English language. At Echoes Global Education, we provide proper coaching and exam related details regarding these tests.


Career counseling

With our career counseling services, our students will be able to understand the different job opportunities that they can expect while they are staying abroad. Our company also takes special efforts in finding the most relevant jobs for students. In fact, we also prepare students on how they can apply for various jobs.


University/college selection

With so many great colleges and universities available in Australia, it can be tough to select the perfect one. That is why, we help students throughout the entire process by shortlisting colleges or universities for them depending on their educational requirements and future career goals.


General admission guidance

Every college has a different set of rules and requirements when it comes to admission. This can be tricky to understand especially for students who are undergoing the process for the first time. Tha is where Echoes Global Education can help yo. We provide you with all the information about general admission guidelines and how you can approach every university differently to increase your chances of getting in.


Financial assistance

Studying abroad can cost a fortune, and most students require some financial support for the same. Our company offers financial advice and assistance for candidates who are planning to study overseas. Along with this we also have tie-ups with leading nationalized banks of India which makes it easy for you to get a loan. We can also help you find the best ways to apply for these student loans.


Travel assistance

Our travel assistance service includes everything from picking an Australia bound flight to accommodation facilities. In short, all the things that a student might require to make their stay comfortable can be organized through us.


Forex assistance

Our amazingly talented and professional team can assist students with forex or foreign exchange. We also let the students know about the maximum amount of local currency that they can carry while flying to Australia.


Visa assistance

We help students collect all the essential documents along with their application and get them processed for students visa promptly. If you are applying for a student visa in Australia, then you also need to have a health insurance cover beforehand, which we can help you out with.


Scholarship assistance

Australia has several scholarship program for international students, and we try to help potential candidates find the most suitable scholarship according to their profile and financial needs. Since there are many applicants interested in each scholarship, we also make sure that our students apply for them in advance to increase their chances. The Government of Australia gives out $250 Million as scholarship each year which means everyone has a fair chance of getting selected.



Echoes Global Education also specialises in helping students find accommodations. We provide assistance with finding both long term or short term apartments in Australia for international students. These accommodations can include on campus and off campus locations like hostels, rented apartments and even homestays. Along with this we also cater to a wide range of budget making it possible for you to find the correct accommodation depending on your lifestyle.


Job prospects

If you are wondering as to how you can find a job for yourself after your degree is complete then this too can be taken care of by Echoes Global Education. We can help you find all types of jobs like internship, part time, and full time depending on your requirement. Our team can also help you with identifying all the job opportunities that come your way.


Ready to study in Australia? Contact Echoes Global Education today for career counselling.