Australia – Best Destination for Indian Students

Australia – Best Destination for Indian Students

Australia is emerging as one of the most sought-after destinations for Indian students for a variety of vocational and higher study programs. Till a few years back, USA and UK were the most preferred destinations for Indian students going overseas to study. But with President Trump’s anti-immigration policies and UK‘s tough stand on job placement after completion of studies, Australia has emerged as the most favorable destination for Indian students wanting to study and migrate to a foreign land. Right now, Australia is the second most preferred international education destination for Indian students across the vocational, higher education and college sectors.

Affordable accommodations, lower annual tuition fees along with some of the most reputed Universities make Australia a popular choice among Indian students. The Australian education system has earned a good reputation globally and a number of Australian Universities feature in the top 100 in global university rankings. Getting a degree from any of these Universities could easily set you up for life and can fetch you a good job anywhere across the globe.

Another very important reason why Indians prefer Australia is that it is an English-speaking nation making it easy for the students to adjust. Moreover, there is a lot of similarity between the Indian and Australian education systems. Both are broadly based on the British education system. It becomes easier for the students to get admitted into any level without much hassle or preparation.

Study In Australia with One of the Leading Education Consultant of Australia

The number of Indian students studying in Australia is booming and if you too want to make a golden future in Australia the best thing to do is to apply for study in Australia with one of the Leading Education Consultants of Australia.

Australia is known for providing the best Education all around the world and this is one of the reasons why Australia is one of main attractions for Indian students as well as consisting of beaches, exciting cities, wildlife attractions, and the Great Barrier Reef. Pair all of this with a booming economy, excellent educational institutes and it is easy to understand how Australia attracts some of the top talents from all over the world to study and immigrate.

For all those Indian students, who are looking for a change and study in Australia and finding it hard because of the whole process. It’s actually really simple and all you have to do this – Taking a help from a professional Education Consultant in Australia. The Australian Universities are well-known for their excellence performance for so many years, providing quality teaching, research and use of latest and most updated technology.

The main type of Educational Institutes for Higher Education in Australia

Students who aim to study in Australia can study at these three types of education institutions:

  • Universities (For Undergraduates, Postgraduate, Ph.D. Courses).
  • Colleges (Offers mainly Diploma courses and degree programs).
  • Vocational Education and Training Institutes (offer practical skills for career enhancement skills).

Most of the Indian students, who want to study in Australian Universities, choose degree courses or post graduate courses as they are recognized enough and offer a better prospect of getting a job and also help in immigration purposes.

Admission Criterion

Academic requirement: For getting admission in a University of Australia for a Bachelor’s programs the candidates have to complete 10+2 or equivalent educational qualification. To apply for a Master’s program, a bachelor’s degree is required.

Many of the Universities also give preferences to students with a strong academic record in the same field of study for which they’ve applied. This rule is for all the courses except for admission into management fields which are open to all who intend to apply and study in Australia. Students with a strong academic profile can get admission into the top-ranking universities. Students with an average profile can also get admission into some standard universities and colleges.

Echoes Global is a leading education consultant in Australia and has a mission to help all the students who are willing to study and migrate to Australia. The main aim is to apply for an admission, the visa and make the whole migration process smooth and hassle free and make every student reach their final destination and find a successful career path.

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