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If you plan to apply for a student’s visa in Australia then it becomes mandatory for you to apply for an Overseas Student Health Cover, also known as OSHC. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection require you to have a valid health cover for the duration of your stay while they are processing your visa application in order to grant permission to study in their country.

Echoes Global Education being one of the leading counseling service providers offers OSHC facilities for students who are planning to study in Australia. We make sure all your paperwork is complete and up to date so that you can get a health cover as quickly as possibly, and in turn get your visa on time as well. We have collaborated with a number of health insurance providers to get you the most affordable and useful health covers.

There are many advantages that students can avail by opting for health cover plans through us and here is a list of a few of them:

1. Fulfills visa requirement

As mentioned, students without a valid health cover will not be able to get their visa’s approved. With Echoes Global Education, you can purchase insurance policies in advance allowing you to submit your health cover details along with your Visa application, without having to wait until the very last minute.


2. Quick turnaround

All the health cover policies received through us are immediately processed so that students can proceed with the other formalities. Quick turnaround also means that students can select and confirm their required insurance plans instantly with our guidance.


3. Affordable

The insurance policies provided by us are affordable so that everyone can benefit from them for a minimum cover charge. That is possible because  of our tie-ups with global and local insurance companies.


4. Multiple plans available

Students can select a health cover plan from many different ones which we have have shortlisted keeping the various medical requirements of students in mind. All the policies include essential services like doctor’s visits, ambulance charges, and pharmaceutical drugs. But in case you wish to add more medical services than we can help you get a different policy.

To know more about all the different health cover plans that you can get through Echoes Global Education get in touch with our support team today. You can also ask them for the charges of these insurance policies and let them know your requirements so that they can suggest the most suitable insurance cover for you.
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