Student Visa Subclass 500 in Australia

Student Visa Subclass 500 in Australia

All that you must know about the Student Visa in Australia for Subclass 500

An impressive educational qualification sets the base for a strong future. That is why much emphasis is given to the career choices students make after their schooling. Overseas studies of late have become rather popular due to the excellent job prospects they offer.

Australia as a destination offers well established universities, experienced faculty and high standard of living. Countries are also relaxing norms to allow a maximum number of students the chance to study. Let us read on to learn more about the Student visa in Australia for Subclass 500.

Documents required

You will not get admission to any course unless your paperwork is complete. To ensure the processing happens smoothly, you will have to provide the following documents:

Passport- To get a student visa, you have to submit a valid passport issued by the authorities of your country. You will also have to attach your identity proof and driver’s license.

Recent photograph- You will have to submit recent photographs and biometrics as well. The immigration office informs you if they need your fingerprints or not.

Application form- A filled and signed application form is a must when applying for a visa.

Age specifications- For Subclass 500 student Visa the minimum age requirement is 6 years. However, they have set a certain age as you enter the various levels. 

Evidence of the study program- You must have qualified for any course. The entire documents pertaining to the course need to be attached at this point. If you are opting for more than one course, provide a Letter of enrolment for all of them.

Parental consent and other civil documents- Parental consent is mandatory if you bring a small child with you without the other parent. You will also need to submit civil documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, etc.

Health insurance- Before traveling to Australia, you must show valid health insurance papers. This insurance has to be applicable from the time the student enters the country.

Financial condition proof- You must submit evidence of your financial capability. The funds should be enough to support at least one year’s stay in Australia. Also, financial proof of your family members that they would be able to support your living.

English language certifications– This is specifically for students traveling from non-English speaking countries. There is a minimum acceptable score set for each exam, and that has to be complied with.

Some other documents- There are some other documents that are required at this point. This includes genuine temporary entrant requirements, character certificate, form 157 N, employment history, Australian Values statement, etc.

Applying for the Student Visa Australia

The application for Student Visa in Australia is relatively simple. It is a four-step process:

  • Creating an Immi account- You can apply for a visa by creating an account with Immi. Once the account is created, go to the Visa application area and begin the process.
  • Assembling all the documents- Next, check that all your documents are in place. Assemble all of them, as you might have to upload each. You might have to wait for their response if you are applying out of the Australia student visa working hours.
  • Pay the fees for subclass 500- Usually, the cost of subclass 500 is AUD 630. However, if you are bringing other dependents, the price will change.
  • Apply for the Visa- Recheck the entire application to see if everything is complete. Now you can submit the application without any issues. The immigration office will analyze all your documents and provide a response soon. Mostly you will get a letter from them about whether your application is successful or not.

Summing up

Qualifying for the Australian Subclass 500 Visa is not a mean feat. A lot of paperwork is required, which, if incomplete, can stall your chances of getting through. Echoes Global Education is a Visa service that helps you handle all your work efficiently. They have guided many students in moving abroad for future studies and know the exact process required. If there is anything missing, they will help you arrange the same. With their prompt help, you can accomplish your dream of settling abroad without any hurdles.


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