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Why Accounting and Finance Course

Accounting and Finance are the most vital pillars of strength for any business house. Accounting delivers all financial information needed for business planning and decision making. Accounts and finance teams record, organize, interpret, summarize, and communicate the financial data of a business. Every business needs accountants to grow and make money.

Accounting and Finance Course can be your ticket to a prosperous career. There shall always be an ongoing demand for accountants as long as money rules this world.  An accounts and finance graduate can be a part of any company, field, industry or sector.

So if you are someone who loves analytically solving problems and is fascinated by numbers- accounting is the career that awaits you!

Study of Accounting and Finance in Australia can provide you with all the skills and expertise you need to become an accomplished accountant and offer you with a degree that is acceptable at global level.

Echoes Global Education is a prominent education consultancy and has tie-ups with nearly all leading accounts and finance institutes and universities in Australia.  We will help you to get into the best suited institution without much stress.


Why Study Accounting and Finance in Australia?

Australia offers you a warm and pleasant climate, friendly natives, quality lifestyle and a vibrant atmosphere. Australia is the third most popular countries for English speaking overseas students after the United States and the UK. Australian education and degree in accounting and finance is recognized all over the globe and graduates from Australian Universities can successfully find jobs or start a business worldwide.

The Accounting and Finance students in Australia get the correct exposure to the world class Australian Education System and are taught by the most skilled teachers and instructors with diverse industry background. Moreover Australia has 17 of the world’s top universities for accounting and finance making it one of the best destinations in the globe to study accounts and finance.

Australia offers a safe, multiethnic and friendly society. Australians themselves belong to a diverse cultural background and thus are open to all cultures and ethnicities that international students carry to the campuses. Every university offers various programs for blending and helping the international students to adjust to the Australian way of life.

International students in Australia can work up to 20 hours per week and full time during the vacations. This allows them to earn their expenses, gain work experience and make new friends. Also most universities offer a scholarship program for international students.


Courses Available in Accounting & Finance

  • Certificate IV in Accounting
  • Diploma of Accounting
  • Advance Diploma of Accounting
  • Associate Degree of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting


Requirements for Study Australia

The basic requirements for obtaining a student visa in Australia are:

  • A legal passport for the complete study duration in Australia
  • Offer letter from the designated university/institution
  • English Proficiency Test results
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover airfares, course fees and living costs
  • Acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Criminal record check results

All other related documents itemized on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa checklists. Most visa applications take six to eight weeks to process.


Graduates of Accounting and Finance can apply and get CPA Associate membership once they gave cleared foundation tests and satisfied all other requirements.  CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies and offers you with a lot of scope and growth potential. Complete details of CPA membership can be found in the CPA Australia website.

Professional Year Program (PYP)

Professional Year Program in Accounting and Finance or The Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA) is one of the main reasons why so many international students some to Australia to study Accounting and Finance. Developed to address the skill shortage in the country, this program guarantees relevance and is developed for the overseas students to understand the needs and ethics of Australian employers.

This program comprises a 44 weeks study along with 12 weeks of internship placement in a relevant company. Successful conclusion of this program offers the international students with 5 points towards permanent residency in Australia.

How We Can Help?

Echoes Global Education offers a comprehensive student counselling service for a smooth and hassle free admission and transition.

We help you choose the best suited university for you, offer you with admission assistance, visa guidance and IELTS and PTE coaching. Our expert counselors can provide you with career guidance, by helping you find a suitable student job in Australia and offer travel assistance.  We also help you with specifics of scholarship programs, student loan services and additional requirements like health cover policies and accommodation.

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