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Why Nursing Course

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare system. Nursing is a rewarding, honorable and a greatly gratifying way to make a living.  Nursing is not only a noble career option but it is also a highly lucrative career in the present day scenario.

The health care industry is undergoing a rapid change. With healthcare costs spiraling, nursing care has become more complex and challenging. Nurses are no more mere caretakers; they are now seen as skilled and expert health care professionals. As a result, the demand for highly educated nurses is on rise. The nursing profession now requires that all nurses must have a professional baccalaureate degree.

Finding a job is never a challenge for a qualified nurse. A nursing degree provides you with the options of varied work situations. You can choose to be in Hospital, Palliative care, School nursing, Pediatric nursing, Adult nursing or even join a missionary and travel word wide. Your degree can be tailored to make it more appropriate to your interests, and switching fields is quite simple.

Nursing schools in Australia are globally recognized for offering the highest quality of nurse education and training. Echoes Global Education is a prominent education consultancy and has tie-ups with nearly all leading institutes and universities that offer nursing courses in Australia.


Why Study Nursing in Australia?

Australian trained nurses are much in demand all over the world. The Nursing Courses here are methodically developed and teaches both theoretical knowledge and practical training much needed in providing first-rate healthcare services.

Nursing job is on high demand in Australia and this demand is expected to surge every year. And because of the high demand registered nurses shall be listed regularly in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL).  The Bachelor of Nursing is a three-year specialized degree that qualifies you as General Registered Nurse. You can also pursue Masters in Nursing in Australia.

Even practicing nurses can consider Australia for a study and job option. The Bridging Program for Nurses also known as IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) is designed for overseas qualified nurses who wish to practice in Australia. This program aids the nurses to strengthen their current skills and knowledge and make them aware of their legal and moral responsibilities in the practice of the nursing profession in Australia.

Another reason to study nursing in Australia is that Australia offers a benign, sophisticated and friendly society and a warm and pleasant climate. Australians are friendly people open to all cultures and backgrounds that international students bring to the society and campus.

One more high point is that international students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and full time during the vacations. This allows them to earn their expenses, gain work experience and make new friends. Also most universities offer a scholarship program for international students.


Courses Available in Nursing

  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • IRON (Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses)
  • Master of Nursing


Requirements to Study Nursing In Australia

The basic requirements for obtaining a student visa in Australia are:

  • A legal passport for the complete study duration in Australia
  • Offer letter from the designated university/institution
  • English Proficiency Test results with IELTS certificate or PTE results
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover airfares, course fees and living costs
  • Acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Criminal record check results
  • A Referral Letter from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to studying IRON Program in Australia

All other related documents itemized on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa checklists. Most visa applications take six to eight weeks to process.


Scope of Employment

Nursing jobs are on high demand in Australia and overseas nurses can easily get a job here via the Bridging Program for Nurses or IRON.

Students after completing Bachelor of Nursing have a huge job scope. Nurses can get jobs in a variety of settings like private clinics, hospitals, old age homes, schools, rehabilitation centers and community centers. Some can even explore fields like Education, Midwifery, Mental Health, Neonatal Care, Paramedicine and Community Health.

If you wish to specialize in a specific area like pediatric, mental health, oncology or paramedical nursing you would need to do so at the postgraduate level.


How We Can Help?

Echoes Global Education offers a comprehensive student counselling service for a smooth and hassle free admission and transition.

We help you choose the best suited university for you, offer you with admission assistance, visa guidance and IELTS and PTE coaching. Our expert counselors can provide you with career guidance, by helping you find a suitable student job in Australia and offer travel assistance.  We also help you with specifics of scholarship programs, student loan services and additional requirements like health cover policies and accommodation.
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