Professional Year Program Engineering

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What is Professional Year Program Engineering

A Professional Year Program Engineering  (PYP) is a job training program for international students who have graduated from Australian Universities. This is a job preparedness program where the students get relevant practical training for taking up an occupation in Australia. This program comprises of learning business communication skills and an internship to get practical experience and familiarity with the Australian workplace culture.

PYP is a 10 month program and is currently available only in the fields of Engineering, Accounting and IT. Professional Year Programs must be undertaken by all graduate students wanting to take up a job and apply for permanent residency in Australia. The PYP lets the fresh graduates learn industry-specific skills and prepares them to join the skilled Australian workforce.

Components of Professional Year Program Engineering

Professional Year Program is a specifically designed 44 week program for international graduates and post graduates in IT, Accounting and Engineering. The main aim of this program is to enhance the professional skills of international students and offer them with a better employment opportunity.

Theoretical Element:

A 32 week workshop, study and seminars provided by accredited education providers to know about the Australian work culture, workplace relations and develop business communication skills. The students also get to learn about the interview techniques and resume buildup.

Practical Element:

A 12 week unpaid internship with a host company to gain hands on experience of the Australian work culture and get specialized training specific to their industry.


Benefits of Professional Year Program

  • Gain 5 points towards the Permanent Residency Application
  • Know in details about the Australian Work culture and industry
  • Gain industry specific practical experience and training
  • Develop business communication skills and enhance your interview skills
  • Build network with your industry professionals and peers
  • Enhance your career prospective with a  Professional Year Program Certificate



  • Graduate or Post Graduate Program from an Australian University
  • Aged between 18 to 45 years
  • Applied for or hold a subclass 485 Temporary Residence visa with 12 months validity
  • Proof of English Language proficiency

Why choose Echoes Global for Professional Year Recruitment

Echoes Global have tie up with institutes in Melbourne, Sydney and other prominent cities of Australia who offer quality Professional Year Program. This enables then to place the students in a good host company for an internship.  A successful internship readies the candidate with excellent industry specific practical skills and adds points to the CV.
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